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2020 e-CImpact User Conference Cancellation

March 12, 2020

As you know, Seabrooks does not have clients. We have Seabrooks family members and we will always treat you accordingly. Just as you look out for your family, we are committed to looking out for you!

In light of the ongoing uncertainty related to Covid-19, after a great deal of discussion and thought, we’ve made the very difficult decision to cancel our 2020 e-CImpact User Conference.

Our entire team is genuinely saddened that we will not have the opportunity to join you all in Las Vegas this year. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we are happy to help.

Seabrooks family members are invited to dive into their data for informed impact at the 2020 e-CImpact User Conference June 9 – 11 in Las Vegas, Nevada hosted by the amazing Clark County Social Service.

This is not your typical conference…and that’s good!

Have you ever given a few days of your valuable time, in addition to your organization’s funds, to attend a conference that left you wondering “was this worth it?” You won’t this time!

During the annual e-CImpact User Conference you can expect hands-on learning, sharing best practices among peers, and discovering how you can leverage e-CImpact for efficiency and effectiveness.

You don’t have to take our word for it!

The Data

   • 90% of e-CImpact User Conference attendees reported they gained new ideas they would implement at their organization as a result of the conference (10% neutral).
   • 97% of e-CImpact User Conference attendees reported they felt more knowledgeable about using e-CImpact as a result of the conference (3% neutral).
   • 90% of e-CImpact User Conference attendees reported they felt more comfortable using e-CImpact as a result of the conference (10% neutral).

The Story

“All of the information was very informative and relative. I really loved the hands-on sections. I’ve not experienced that at a conference.”

“Because of this conference, I feel confident that I am able to communicate within our United Way, how we can use tools more robustly and create efficiencies.”

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to getting home and making changes and hope to see you all next year.”

“Seabrooks Staff is awesome. They are so friendly and will absolutely do everything in their power to make every activity helpful. My abilities have improved so much within the e-CImpact system and I credit all of it to the Seabrooks Staff.”

“I am endlessly impressed by the level of support you provide and how you work so hard to accommodate everyone as these conferences.”

Now that we’ve engaged your heart and head using data (we learn from the best – Seabrooks family members!), prepare to gain 20/20 vision for data-driven impact at the 2020 e-CImpact User Conference!

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