2023 e-CImpact User Conference

Seabrooks family members are invited to up their e-CImpact game for greater impact at the 2023 e-CImpact User Conference June 27 – 29 in Nashville, Tennessee, hosted by amazing United Way of Greater Nashville.

This is not your typical conference…and that’s good!

Have you ever given a few days of your valuable time, in addition to your organization’s funds, to attend a conference that left you wondering “was this worth it?” You won’t this time!

During the annual e-CImpact User Conference you can expect hands-on learning, sharing best practices among peers, and discovering how you can leverage e-CImpact for efficiency and effectiveness.

A substantial majority of attendees reported the conference gave them new ideas they planned to implement in their impact work, more knowledge to leverage the system, and a greater level of comfort with e-CImpact.

You don’t have to take our word for it! Take a look at what attendees have to say.

“All of the information was very informative and relative. I really loved the hands-on sections. I’ve not experienced that at a conference.”

“Because of this conference, I feel confident that I am able to communicate within our United Way, how we can use tools more robustly and create efficiencies.”

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to getting home and making changes and hope to see you all next year.”

“Seabrooks staff is awesome. They are so friendly and will absolutely do everything in their power to make every activity helpful. My abilities have improved so much within the e-CImpact system and I credit all of it to the Seabrooks Staff.”

“I am endlessly impressed by the level of support you provide and how you work so hard to accommodate everyone at these conferences.”

Have questions about the conference? We’ve got answers at support@seabrooks.com. See you in Nashville, Seabrooks family!