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PRESS RELEASE: Houston, TX – The mission of the United Way of Greater Houston (UWGH) is to increase the organized capacity of people to care for themselves and others and to mobilize their community to make lasting improvements in critical needs areas.

Houston is a city like no other. Diverse. Dynamic. Built on hard work and great ideas. Determined to make big things happen and dedicated to giving everyone a fair shot. It’s a place where dreams become possibilities, and hopes can turn into reality – where people follow their visions and achieve great things, but never forget the needs of others. In Houston, they give their best as individuals to make good things possible for their neighbors – the United Way.

In a city always moving forward, UWGH is the one constant.

For 88 years, UWGH has been there, through good times and bad, sunshine and storms. It’s the bridge that takes people to a better place, throughout the circle of life.

UWGH is the leader and trusted partner for a city that cares.

UWGH touches one of every two lives in their community through their strong focus on:

  • Children and Youth
  • Families and Neighborhoods
  • Seniors
  • People Rebuilding their Lives

Seabrooks proudly welcomes the United Way of Greater Houston to the e-CImpact Family.

To learn more about United Way of Greater Houston, visit their website: http://www.unitedwayhouston.org.