e-CImpact: Quite Possibly the Best Investment We Have Made!


The e-CImpact software provided by Seabrooks, Inc. is quite possibly the best investment the United Way of LaPorte County has made, for its own investment process. For years, the United Way of LaPorte County has relied on paper applications for its investment / allocation process. This paper process entailed multiple copies (sometimes up to 10 each) of not only the application, but audits, 501 c 3 status notices, board of director’s listings, and IRS 990 forms. Hence, there could easily be 50 pages per program application for funding, times 10, to provide copies for volunteers and United Way staff. Paper, copy, and binder expenses reached over $200 each year for every program applying for funding.

e-CImpact changed that. This online tool has enabled all funding applications to be completed on line, saving the above mentioned costs. Program directors now work on their United Way application anywhere they have an internet connection, and can simply upload required forms, rather than make copy after copy. Not only has this reduced costs for programs, but relieved a lot of stress. (Haven’t we all been there when the copy machine jams?)

From a United Way staff position, the e-CImpact software has eliminated internal costs of making any extra copies. Additionally, there is no need in making volunteer binders and books for each volunteer within the allocation process. (Up to 30 volunteers at times, each with their own binder and set of applications). Staff can monitor progress of the application process, and frankly, have more control of the process and the application questions. For example, each question has a limited amount of space for an answer. Now, applications are more “to the point” in an efficient manner.

For a United Way allocation volunteer, applications can be reviewed anywhere with an internet connection. Applications are outlined and easy to read. Most importantly, there are no more binders and papers to carry around. Sometimes, during site visits, there would not be enough room on a table for volunteers to even open their binders! Scoring an application is easy, budgeting and allocating dollars is easier to see as the software formulates everything, and volunteers can communicate more directly with each other, with staff, and even with program directors, as necessary, through a built-in question and answer forum.

e-CImpact has truly made our United Way more efficient and cost effective.

Dave Sisk
Manager of Community Engagement
United Way of LaPorte County