We’ve Hired a New Assistant! Meet e-CImpact!

PRESS RELEASE: Albuquerque, NM

In response to economic challenges United Way organizations have reached out to search for resources that streamline the reporting of outcome performance measurements to the community, manage multiple grant processes such as “Women in Philanthropy”, “EFSP – Emergency Food & Shelter” and various initiatives as well as track and report on the outcome performance of the very social programs that could be in jeopardy, all needing to be managed concurrently with the traditional Community Investment process.

To begin a search for such a tool or “assistant” United Way of Central New Mexico reached out to its best resource, their United Way colleagues, and began evaluating different systems that were in place. UWCNM previously had an online system that worked very well to collect information from their grantees but were faced with additional maintenance tasks that hindered the real ability to focus on reporting to the community and tracking the valuable information they received from their partners.

The challenge before UWCNM was how to obtain the help needed in a cost-effective and efficient manner, help that would lower their costs by streamlining their administrative efforts. Through networking with their colleagues the idea of a new “assistant” (e-CImpact) quickly rose to the top.

“The implementation of a new system can be a daunting prospect for administrators and end users. But from the start, the Seabrooks team’s enthusiasm, recommendations and encouragement made me feel excited about what the software can do – and how much we can do with it,” stated Jennifer Moon, Applications Specialist at United Way of Central New Mexico. “Attending the user’s group conference during the implementation process was such a valuable experience. I was so impressed with the spirit of collaboration. Not only did the Seabrooks team provide excellent training for novices and pros alike, I learned so much hearing from the other United Ways. It really made me feel like the sky’s the limit, and that we’ll have support every step of the way.”

Prior to finding their new assistant, e-CImpact, up to two weeks for two staff people was spent editing narrative information, downloading application packets and creating cumbersome reports – often to find out too late that fields were blank and totals did not match. Mary Regnier, Senior Administrative Assistant to Community Development at United Way of Central New Mexico said, “Our new assistant e-CImpact certainly did an outstanding job of helping our grantees form concise answers which will in turn help our volunteers use their time more effectively by forming more focused questions during the Site Visits. Many of our administrative tasks like making sure demographic sections balanced were also managed by our new assistant!”

The initial implementation went so smoothly they are excited to be looking at the following next steps!

  • We now have a tool that can help us manage our multiple Funding Streams.
  • As we develop our Education Initiative we realize that the process can run concurrently with other processes.
  • We manage a Women’s Self-Sufficiency grant that we are looking forward to including in the e-CImpact process.
  • Reporting! With the push of a button we can see our allocation history by agency or program.
  • We are setting goals for our main areas and can’t wait to build these “standards” into e-CImpact allowing us to ultimately move toward standardization of Performance Measurements.

“I am excited about the new software and the efficiencies it brings. It is also great to have the support that we need. Our extended team (the Seabrooks Staff) is always at the other end of the line no matter what the issue,” says Josefa Bethea Wall, Community Fund Grants Manager, United Way of Central New Mexico.