2018 e-CImpact User Conference Agenda

The annual e-CImpact User Conference is a special time of year, where Seabrooks Staff has the opportunity to meet users face-to-face and form lasting friendships with the people we support throughout the year.

Every year, the conference brings people together to learn how to take full advantage of the powerful tools offered in e-CImpact. Seabrooks offers in-depth, interactive training sessions, discussions, group activities and networking opportunities – all geared toward utilizing e-CImpact to streamline each organization’s internal processes and enhance their community impact efforts.

This year’s conference will be hosted by United Way of Metropolitan Nashville in Nashville, Tennessee on June 19-21, 2018.

2018 User Conference Agenda

Tuesday, June 19, 2018 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

• Welcome/Opening Session
• Efficiently, Effectively, Evolve Workshop
• Breakout Sessions
• e-CImpact 101 – Building Blocks and Basics (New Staff/Users)
• Time Savers – Shortcuts (Administrators)
• Keeping Data In-Sync between Systems (Advanced Admins/IT)
• Breakout Sessions
• Fundamentals of Data Collection: Back to the Future (New Staff/Users)
• Superb Forms = Superb Data = Awesome Reports (Administrators)
• Form Field Spring Cleaning (Advanced Admins/IT)
• Networking Lunch
• Data Mash Up: Intro to Reports and Dashboards
• Breakout Sessions
• Customizing Report Templates
• Training by skill set (New Staff/Users, Administrators, Advanced/IT)
• Do you wanna build a Dashboard
• Training by skill set (New Staff/Users, Administrators, Advanced/IT)
• Aggregating Data to Report on Global Results Framework

Wednesday, June 20, 2018 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

• The Evolution of Performance Results: Then, Now and the Future
• Breakout Sessions
• Performance Measurement: You have options! (New Staff/Users)
• Performance Measurement: Results Based Framework (Admins)
• Performance Measurement: Prescribed Outcomes (Admins)
• Breakout Sessions
• Analyzing Performance Measures and Trends
• Training by skill set (New Staff/Users, Administrators, Advanced/IT)
• Utilizing Common Measurement Tools: Performance Measures Apples to Apples
• Networking Lunch
• Breakout Sessions
• Just Right: Communication and Instructions (New Staff/Users)
• Easy Configuration of Application/Reporting Process(es) (Administrators)
• Process Build-out Tips/Tricks from the Experts (Advanced Admin/IT)
• Breakout Sessions
• The Admin Tool Box (New Staff/Users)
• The ABC’s of a Data Rollover (Administrators)
• Importing Form Data (Advanced Admin/IT)
• Networking Break
• Exploring the Open/Competitive Application Process
• Panel Discussion: Manage the Process – Supporting your Agencies and Reviewers
• Host City Networking Event – 6:30 pm

Thursday, June 21, 2018 8:30 am – 3:00 pm

• Introduction to Report My Time – track employee’s time being paid through grants
• The Review Process – explore all the new options
• Allocations/Awards – explore option to import and post to dashboard
• Introduction to NEW Invoicing/Reimbursement module
• Networking Break
• Breakout Sessions
• Designing Evaluation/Review Process (New Staff/Users)
• Robust Reviews – Learn how to configure NEW options (Administrators)
• API Demonstration (Advanced Admins/IT)
• Breakout Sessions
• Designing an Award Letter in e-CImpact
• Training by skill set (New Staff/Users, Administrators, Advanced/IT)
• Networking Lunch and Closing Session
• Bonus Sessions
• i-CResults Training
• Support Workshop (New Staff/Users)
• Support Workshop (Administrators)