Ease the Burden of Fiscal Compliance Labor Tracking for Grants

time tracking applicationSeabrooks Announces the Release of ReportMyTime

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We understand! Keeping track of the time and work that your employees spend on grant funded projects can be a difficult, time-consuming and even a stressful process, especially when employees work on multiple projects.

ReportMyTime is a time tracking application developed specifically for organizations with compliance requirements associated with labor tracking for grants. This web-based service allows agencies, like yours, to quickly and easily implement a time tracking and management solution that addresses the increasing requirements for transparency of many funding organizations.

ReportMyTime was developed by Seabrooks in conjunction with The Family Place.

The Problem:
The Family Place (TFP) agency has been serving the Dallas community for over 40 years focusing on helping the victims of domestic violence. TFP was notified by one of their funding organizations, The Department of Housing and Urban Development, that in order to continue receiving funds, they would need to meet new reporting requirements. This increased accountability was specifically related to showing actual labor costs by program and activity for their grant. There were several challenges identified while trying to provide the data requested.
   •  How will employees be able to handle the additional data entry?
   •  How do we not overwhelm employees with too many activity options?
   •  How do we put a dollar value on the time once it has been collected?
   •  How will employees be able to separate their time between grants?
   •  How will supervisors review and approve time?

Seabrooks was consulted to see if an automated solution could be developed to address those challenges.

The Solution:
The Family Place identified three key features that were required of this additional functionality:
   1.  Collect time by activity
   2.  Minimize additional effort required by employees
   3.  Dollar value calculation of time and labor

A web-based solution was created to address this challenge. The overall strategy was to create an administrative portal enabling system administrators to create Grants, Programs and Activities for their organization. Under the user define Programs and Grants; Activities could then be associated. Employees could then be associated to the specific Programs and Activities they performed.
This minimized the list of Activities employees would see while entering their time. The allocation of Programs across different Grants was defined in the portal by the system administrator thus eliminating the need for the employee to differentiate their activity between grants. The employee only needed to know what program and activity they were charging their time to. Employees could enter their time from their computer, phone or iPad.

ReportMyTime features include:
   •  Meeting of OMB Uniform Guidance requirements
   •  Time tracking for your agency’s employees both non-exempt and exempt, as well as any volunteers.
   •  Customization of each individual’s time sheet, reducing the potential for data entry error. Setup each user to only see the Program, Grant, and Activities they charge time against.
   •  Creation of custom earnings codes to delineate special hours from regular hours for payroll export feeds.
   •  Automatic reconciliation all hours worked by exempt employees to standard pay period hours for payroll export feeds.
   •  Calculation of overtime hours for eligible employees on payroll export feeds.
   •  Built in workflow for time sheet approval; each individual time sheet user is assigned a “time sheet approval person” that can either approve or reject submitted time sheets.
   •  Accessible from anywhere at any time from your computer, phone or iPad at any time via the Internet; no software installation required.
   •  System access controlled by individual usernames and passwords. Access to available system functions controlled by sophisticated permission security system that can be customized at an individual user level or as a role-based grouping of permissions.
   •  Integration with your current payroll process; data from the system can be exported and uploaded into your payroll processing system.

If you would like to learn more about ReportMyTime please contact sales@seabrooks.com