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Funding by Reimbursement, Made Simple

April 1, 2019

e-CImpact’s goal is to simplify every step of the Community Impact Grant Management process.

Managing your reimbursable grants should be no exception! e-CImpact’s Invoicing and Reimbursement module is designed to streamline the workflow for the funding by reimbursement process.

United Way of the Mid-South has been in the greater Memphis, Tennessee metro area for over 90 years with the same mission: to improve the quality of life for Mid-Southerners. In 2016, Rev. Kenneth S. Robinson, M.D., President and CEO announced Addressing Mid-South Poverty as the organization’s official top priority. This priority, and their capacity in community resource collaboration, resulted in funding from the Tennessee Department of Human Services for their 2GEN Initiative in October of 2018.

United Way of the Mid-South eagerly awarded DTD 2-Gen funding to three agencies, entered into service contracts, and began managing the grant reimbursement process using Excel spreadsheets.

Tehrian Martin, Senior Associate of Data & Communications at United Way of the Mid-South was tasked to manage the invoicing/reimbursement process for this new, reimbursable grant. Not long after the first requests were submitted by the agencies, Tehrian recalled that her current grant management and reporting system had added a reimbursement module designed to streamline this exact process! Tehrian reached out to Seabrooks to find out if e-CImpact’s Reimbursement Module was a good fit for her state grant and the rest is history!

The e-Cimpact Reimbursement Module integrates with your organization’s funding streams and allocation processes you are running in e-CImpact, streaming the financial information of your impact funding. The easy to manage and paperless reimbursement request process provides funders and grantees the ability to spend less time tracking, editing, and uploading excel documents, and more time on the work that matters.

Funders have the ability to:

  • Create custom invoices by invoice period
  • Track requested and approved amounts
  • Make budget adjustments
  • Require supporting documents
  • Track spend down per awarded grant and much more

Grantees have the ability to:

  • Request reimbursement per line item
  • Request budget adjustments
  • Upload supporting documents
  • Add comments per line item

“The reimbursement module has made the reimbursement process easier for everyone involved!”

When we asked Tehrian how the reimbursement process was going, she stated:

“We received ‘KUDOS’ from the STATE when we submitted our first report using the reimbursement request forms! They were impressed that we were able to submit all of the required information and documents in an organized and detailed way without additional spreadsheets!

Our agencies love how easy the reimbursement module has made it for them to complete their monthly reimbursement requests, upload the required backup documents, and submit the entire request for approval.

Our Finance and Accounting departments love that there are no longer tons of spreadsheets to sift through and our President loves that we were able to streamline our reimbursement process using a system we already had and without any added costs.

Integrating the reimbursement module into our State grant allocation process in e-CImpact was simple and easy for everyone to learn!

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