If you receive funding from HUD, VOCA or a similar source, you are accountable to these funding sources for how you are utilizing these grants and we know, the increased reporting and compliance requirements from these funding organizations can be burdensome.

Keeping track of the time and work that your employees spend on grant-funded projects can be a difficult, time consuming, and even a stressful process, especially when employees are working on multiple projects.

ReportMyTime is designed specifically to address the challenges identified with the increased compliance requirements associated with labor tracking for grants.


ReportMyTime is a web-based, time tracking application developed specifically for organizations with compliance requirements associated with labor tracking for grants. This web-based service allows agencies, like yours, to quickly and easily implement a time tracking and management solution that addresses the increasing requirements for transparency of many funding organizations.

Not only is web-based time tracking more efficient and less prone to data entry error, it is more secure and you will always have instant access to your aggregate time data.

Just imagine how pleased your staff will be to learn that they can enter time from their phone, tablet, or computer!


Different projects have different reporting and compliance requirements. ReportMyTime allows you to customize each project with a specific configuration to allow your staff to meet specific requirements.

The system makes it easy for administrative staff to set grant parameters that will simplify the time-entry process; your employees will only see the programs, grants, and activities they charge time against.


We understand that your staff has their hands full when it comes to grant reporting and payroll processing tasks. ReportMyTime helps to minimize these efforts by providing efficient dollar value calculation of labor, the ability to export data into a format ready for upload into your payroll processing system, and automation of hour reconciliation by exempt employees.


ReportMyTime features include:

  • Meeting of OMB Uniform Guidance requirements.
  • Time tracking for your agency’s employees both non-exempt and exempt, as well as any volunteers.
  • Customization of each individual’s time sheet, reducing the potential for data entry error. Setup each user to only see the Program, Grant, and Activities they charge time against.
  • Creation of custom earnings codes to delineate special hours from regular hours for payroll export feeds.
  • Automatic reconciliation of all hours worked by exempt employees to standard pay period hours for payroll export feeds.
  • Calculation of overtime hours for eligible employees on payroll export feeds.
  • Built-in workflow for time sheet approval; each individual time sheet user is assigned a “time sheet approval person” that can either approve or reject submitted time sheets.
  • Accessible from anywhere at any time from your computer, phone, or tablet via the Internet; no software installation required.
  • System access controlled by individual usernames and passwords. Access to available system functions controlled by sophisticated permission security system that can be customized at an individual user level or as a role-based grouping of permissions.
  • Integration with your current payroll process; data from the system can be exported and uploaded into your payroll processing system.


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One-time setup fee to get started and an all-inclusive monthly subscription – that’s it (no, really).

Seabrooks professionals will spend over 60 hours setting up your customized ReportMyTime system, including grant configuration, employee positions, programs, and grants. After that, the only ongoing cost is a monthly subscription based on your usage.

You’ll never pay for extra for add-ons, new features, or our unlimited technical support.

What’s Included?

  • Full access to all features in ReportMyTime.
  • Worry-free hosting; no servers to maintain.
  • Secure data storage and backup.
  • All system upgrades with no annual upgrade fees.
  • Unlimited technical support for System Administrators (Monday – Friday, 9am to 6pm CT), including live chat, email or phone.
  • Complimentary consultation session to help you successfully navigate a major change or staff turnover…don’t worry, we’ve got your back!
  • Shape the future of ReportMyTime with continual opportunities to submit new feature requests.

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