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Do’s and Don’ts for Data Integrity

October 1, 2021

Simple steps for data integrity in your grant management system

When it comes to collecting and managing data, accidents can happen and, most often, they aren’t happy ones. Reliable data doesn’t have to be elusive when you have a grant and impact management system with features that help you, your applicants, and your reviewers every step of the way.

Let’s take a look at a few “do’s” and “don’ts” to maintain your data’s integrity.

Do provide clear guidance. Share instructions throughout processes and forms, offer additional help text on questions where needed, share additional guidance using your system’s communication tools.

Don’t ask agencies to supply previously entered data. Pre-populating data that has been provided in past processes ensures accurate information carries across future processes, such as progress reports. Bonus: Your partners will thank you for not having to look at past submissions.

Do use auto-calculating fields. Eliminate inaccurate budget totals, performance measurement achievement, and evaluation score total mishaps by letting the system do the math in applications, reports, and evaluations.

Don’t manually transfer data for analysis and distribution. Use reporting features within your system to ensure a slip of the finger on the keyboard doesn’t turn 750 individuals served to 75 individuals served.

Do structure your questions thoughtfully. Need a numeric answer? Be sure to use a numeric response field. Collecting narrative responses? Avoid asking three questions in one, so you can easily review and analyze detailed data.

Don’t update responses for applicants and reviewers. Updating information submitted by applicants and reviewers can call that data’s validity into question in the future. Allow applicants and reviewers to update their own responses for peace of mind.

Do tailor access to your system’s users. Help your team members access the information they need in the system to do their best work while avoiding an unintentionally deleted applicant profile using customized permissions.

Do capture key data in a reliable, easy-to-use system! e-CImpact has your data integrity needs covered through your entire impact investment cycle.
   • Custom questions, forms, instructions, and processes.
   • Pre-populated data through autopopulating fields, data roll-overs, and imports.
   • Custom calculated fields.
   • Over 150 ready-to-use report templates.
   • And more!

Ensure your data integrity while receiving the best service and support around, by reaching out to to discover how Seabrooks can help.

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