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Love at First ‘Site’: The Agency Experience in e-CImpact

September 16, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Janesville, Wisconsin – “I absolutely love (and I mean, LOVE) this new software! Kudos to whoever made the decision to purchase it!”

e-CImpact is a cloud-based system used by more than 85 United Ways, Community Foundations, and Municipalities across the U.S. and Canada to manage their community impact work, including accepting and reviewing funding requests from agencies providing services in the areas of Education, Income and Health. Some United Ways are introducing this type of software for the first time and others are replacing an existing system with e-CImpact.

In Spring 2015, the United Way Blackhawk Region (UWBR) in Janesville, Wisconsin decided to replace their grant management system with e-CImpact.”We used e-CImpact at a previous United Way I worked for and everyone loved it – staff, agencies and volunteers. The easier it is for community agencies to apply for funding and report their outcomes, the more they can focus on making an impact in important areas like early learning and financial stability. I knew agencies would embrace e-CImpact, but I had no idea how much of a difference it would make.” said Michelle Brown, UWBR Finance Director.

Here’s what agencies had to say after using the e-CImpact Agency Site –

“My husband is an IT guy and so I asked him to look around before I got started. He said it was so easy; I might be able to do with my eyes closed! He was right. It’s awesome. I wish all my grants could be submitted through this program!”

“The application process in e-CImpact was excellent, I am very impressed on ease of use! Streamlined and efficient.”

“I really appreciate the investment that United Way made by acquiring this program. From start to finish what would normally take a week to enter and format and configure only took two days.”

“This is the quickest I’ve ever been able to file an application.”

“I love e-CImpact! It makes my job so much easier. I’ve applied for many United Way grants at different United Ways and used the system before. I highly recommend it to any United Way that doesn’t use it.”

“The new program is so much better!”

“This is far and away the easiest grant submission programs I’ve ever used. I will be recommending it to the other United Way in our area.”

Ready to build stronger relationships with your community agencies? Contact us at to learn how e-CImpact can help!

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