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Our Success Comes from the Success of Our Users

July 2, 2018

2018 e-CImpact User conference: An “Absolutely fabulous conference!”

On behalf of The Seabrooks family–Thank You for making our 14th annual User’s Conference a HUGE SUCCESS!

Every year, the e-CImpact Users conference brings people together to learn how to take full advantage of the powerful tools offered in e-CImpact. During the 2018 3-day conference, attendees received hands on training for numerous of e-CImpact’s cutting edge features, participated in group discussions, attended knowledge-based breakouts sessions and had many networking opportunities – all geared toward utilizing e-CImpact to streamline each organization’s internal processes and enhance their community impact efforts.

We want to express our appreciation to United Way of Metropolitan Nashville for hosting the 2018 User’s Conference and for the incredible hospitality of their staff!

Here is what some conference attendees had to say:

“The e-CImpact User’s Conference is the one time of year that I can completely nerd out about my work within the database. Other e-CImpact users speak my ‘language’ and share their tips and tricks. I learn so much from the conference sessions, and even more from the networking experiences. Not to mention that the Seabrooks staff are just lovely people who know how to run a great conference!”

“So nice to meet the staff from Seabrooks that I have connected with online and by telephone only. It was also a great opportunity to meet peers from other organizations using the same software and knowing that I am not alone on my learning path. I discovered that Seabrooks is always looking to the future to develop processes that will make our jobs as the User easier. Seabrooks staff really want us all to be successful and to be able to do our jobs smarter not harder”.
Robin Ross
Community Investment Associate
Capital Area United Way
Lansing, MI

“This was my first of hopefully many conferences. I am extremely glad I was able to attend. I learned a lot and I feel much better going back and learning even more as I play in the system. The team is fabulous and the tractor pull was so much fun. Thank you for the opportunity to meet all of you in person and to meet others who are in the same boat as me.”

“Thank you for providing this conference! I always learn so much and appreciate hearing how others are using the system(s). All of the Seabrooks staff are so easy to work with and provide the best customer service and technical assistance around! Thanks again!”

Some of the feedback we received from attendees at the conference when asked about their “AH-HA” moment while at the conference:

“I did not realize the extent of reporting capabilities that e-CImpact provides. I’ve been doing everything manually which, of course, is the hardest way to do things. Now I know that I no longer have to do things that way”

“DATA, DATA, DATA – critically important in HOW you ask for it in your grant forms in order to report on it”

“That it’s actually possible to realize one of my visions for reporting with e-CImpact’s dynamic results forms”.

A new module to e-CImpact was unveiled at the 2018 Conference, Invoicing and Reimbursement

e-CImpact’s goal is to simplify every step of your Community Impact Grant Management process. The addition of our newest feature “Invoicing and Reimbursement” is designed to streamline the workflow for funding by reimbursement an easy to manage process.
The new Invoicing feature will provide funders the ability generate custom invoices, customize invoice periods, track requested and approved amounts, make adjustments, request supporting documents, track spend down per grant awarded and more.

Invoicing and Reimbursement

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