Seabrooks - Patti

Patti Brooks

Why did you start Seabrooks?

“I was approached by a United Way actually.  They needed an efficient and effective way to manage their community investments – and the ability to evolve over time.  I decided to create a company dedicated to meeting that goal and the rest is history!”

Mike Meyer

What makes Seabrooks a great company?

“Every good company begins by deeply understanding and meeting a customer need. Seabrooks engages all of its customers in building their business and helping them aspire to greatness, from idea creation though delivery.”

Seabrooks - Rob

Rob Filaroski

How does technology support effective grant management?

“Technology is only effective when it meets your needs. The Seabrooks development team works behind the scenes to ensure e-CImpact is a tool built specifically to support your success.”

Seabrooks Staff

Customer Support Team

What’s the key to success?

“No one succeeds on their own. They need people to listen, ask questions, troubleshoot and provide support. Think of us as an extension of your team. We’re there when you need us!”

Development Team

What makes our team unique?

“In a word, passion. We strive to understand our customer’s business needs so that we can construct software solutions that will grow with them as their business continues to grow.”