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e-CImpact Tools to Support Your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Efforts

September 1, 2020

e-CImpact features support equity and inclusion in your grantmaking

It’s a helpdesk hot topic these days at Seabrooks: “What can we do with e-CImpact to help ensure equity and inclusion in our funding processes?”

As funders pivot to support their communities in a more meaningful way, it is critical to have the right systems and tools to support the work. Let’s look at a few ready-to-deploy e-CImpact features.

Seeing who is being served and identifying trends and gaps in service couldn’t be easier. Simple forms with demographic categories that you can customize make it easy for partners to share who they expect to serve and/or who they have served. Ready-to-use report templates allow you to see the data for one, a few, or all of your partners for this year (or several years!) by checking just a few boxes.

Determining if your community and the people receiving services are represented on your partner’s Board of Directors is a few questions away. The ability to tailor forms and funding processes allows you to ask key questions so you have the information you need to support your partners, make informed funding decisions, and be transparent with your stakeholders.

Tracking diversity among volunteer reviewers with a simple and customizable volunteer experience. Custom questions of your design allow you to collect demographic information directly from volunteers, allowing you to efficiently analyze community representation within your volunteer review groups with the help of report templates.

Help your volunteer reviewers be fully informed about (and ask them to agree to!) your expectations around diversity, equity, and inclusion. With an automated, online process to collect volunteer agreement on affirmative statements, standards of conduct, and more, you can ensure your process is transparent and your amazing volunteers are on board with these critical priorities.

Remove opportunities for bias with Blind Evaluations. Hide agency and program names from volunteer reviewers to help focus their evaluations on the services and good work being presented in an application rather than a partner’s reputation in the community.

Seabrooks is committed to your success with staff that has a full spectrum of experience and a grant management system as flexible as you are. If you are ready to explore how the right system can support your work at this critical time, reach out to the Seabrooks team at today.


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