Adrienne Washington

Our volunteers were extremely happy about the online process. The software has cut our process down by several months.

Our time frames are still the same but we have to spend less time doing the actual work. We can do the other parts of our jobs. Our RIT (Resources Investment Cycle) still takes place over the same several months, but itr is a much easier process. We used to take 6 weeks from the application due date to the first review meetings to make sure the binders were correct. We were able to skip that and go straight into the RIT review. It takes less time to review each application and score them. We can now take a month break to do other part of our jobs and come back to it in April. Here are some comments from our volunteers from this week:

‘I LOVE having this electronically!!! My iPad is A LOT lighter than the binder!!’

‘First let me say I LOVE this electronic process. It was so much easier to review the applications and to do the scoring’

Adrienne Washington, Director, Resource Investment/Volunteer Center
United Way of Lancaster County, Lancaster, PA