Bev Phillips

I have been utilizing the e-CImpact tool for 3 years and our United Way has used it for a total of 4. Having watched my predecessor deal with notebooks, data in inconsistent formats, changes at the last minute, creating reports from scratch …… I feel really blessed to be using this system.

Not only is this system step-by-step user friendly; when you stumble the help desk is amazing. You do not have to be a techy to work the system. Their online chat ability gives you quick response to immediate questions and they will follow up by phone if necessary, and help you with personal web trainings with access to their desktop or let “you drive”; so to speak. Or simply make that personal call to them.

They LISTEN. If there is something you wish they could offer – they put it out there for the users to evaluate and if enough are interested, they look at implementing the change. I don’t think there is much you CAN’T do with this system. I tell my volunteers in training that there is no ‘fear factor’ when using the system. This is the first year we used the Question & Answer Forum during grant review. The volunteers loved getting questions answered immediately rather than waiting until group meetings, and seeing the questions and answers from other reviewers eliminated duplicate questions.

I would highly recommend this system, not just for the efficiencies, but for the personal assistance, which only gets better.

Bev Phillips, Community Services Director
United Way of Hancock County