Leah Stockton

“We can get our data quickly since we no longer rely on Excel spreadsheets or need to manipulate raw data! e-CImpact does that for us!”

“Since the day I was hired, our Board’s goal has been 100% transparency. Every ‘t’ crossed and every ‘i’ dotted; to be accountable for every penny of our funds and to show the impact of those dollars. Because of e-CImpact, we can do that. If you were to ask me about our allocation of funds by Impact Area of wanted to know how many children we have served, I can pull a report in minutes and say ‘This is exactly where our dollars are going an who we are serving'”.

“We have a small staff of two at United Way of the Florida Keys. There is no way we could have pulled the amount of data together, in the way we did, to create the ‘Florida Keys: Living Through Irma’ publication. Using e-CImpact provided a way for us to effortlessly pull and combine report data from several phases and dates of our Hurricane Irma recovery efforts. e-CImpact has definitely broadened our capacity to do more.”

Leah Stockton
President / CEO
United Way of the Florida Keys