United Way of the Mid-South

The reimbursement module has made the reimbursement process easier for everyone involved!

We received “KUDOS” from the STATE when we submitted our first report using the reimbursement request forms! They were impressed that we are able to submit all of the required information and documents in an organized and detailed way; without additional spreadsheets!

Our Agencies love how easy the reimbursement module has made it for them to complete their monthly reimbursement requests, upload the required backup documents, and submit the entire request for approval.

Our Finance and accounting departments love that there are no longer tons of spreadsheets to sift through and our President loves that we were able to streamline our reimbursement process using a system we already had and without any added costs.

Integrating the reimbursement module into our State grant allocation process in e-CImpact was simple and easy for everyone to learn!

Tee Martin
Senior Associate Data Analyst
United Way of the Mid-South