The thing that we like most about e-CImpact is that we can have multiple application processes open at the same time.

Nicole Shiner, Operations Manager, CI
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Boston, MA

The Seabrooks team is amazing and we are so happy that we made the decision to purchase the software. It gets better and better with each round of enhancements and the technical support is unparalleled in the software world. Having e-CImpact has transformed our work. We are a small staff of three, but since we came into the Seabrooks family, it feels like dozens. We get so much out of the system and out of our relationship with fellow e-CImpact users at LUWs across the nation.

Thank you, Seabrooks, for creating a great product, continuing to enhance it as it needs and processes change and for providing the opportunity for Community Impact staff to connect and share best practices and ideas. You guys rock!

Pfeffer McMaken, Senior Director, Community Investments
United Way of the Coastal Empire, Savannah, GA

In 9+ years I’ve never had a poor experience working with Seabrooks staff. Every single interaction is professional, personal and responsive. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, Seabrooks quickly gets back to us with results. I wish all companies shared their customer service philosophy!

Damian Spence, Planning Research Associate
United Way of King County

We recently switched our grant management system to e-CImpact. It’s like night and day. Seabrooks staff helped us streamline our application to make it easier for agencies. They LOVE using e-CImpact and thanked us for making the change. We can’t wait to share their feedback with our Board so they know the return on their investment. Priceless!

Denise Peters-Kauihou, Community Impact Director
United Way Blackhawk Region

True Partnership: United Way of Greater Milwaukee has been working with e-CImpact developed and supported by a software company called Seabrooks for over 4 years. During that time Seabrooks has been a true partner. After the first year of UWGM’s Community Outcomes Project it was recognized by staff that a new tool would be required to help us collect, analyze and report on data. We turned to Seabrooks for help. Through many conversations it was determined that Seabrooks would be able to support our project. The economy hit and we were unable to pay for it. Seabrooks announced at their National Conference in June 2009 that they saw United Way of Greater Milwaukee’s vision and were going to move forward with the enhancement in-kind. Seabrooks will partner with RedRiver Systems to develop this new tool. Seabrooks, RedRiver Systems and United Way of Greater Milwaukee will work together over the next year to put the Client Measurement Sampling Tool into action. When people work together anything is possible!”

Nicole Angresano, Vice President, Community Impact
United Way of Greater Milwaukee