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The Seabrooks team is amazing and we are so happy that we made the decision to purchase the software. It gets better and better with each round of enhancements and the technical support is unparalleled in the software world. Having e-CImpact has transformed our work. We are a small staff of three, but since we came into the Seabrooks family, it feels like dozens. We get so much out of the system and out of our relationship with fellow e-CImpact users at LUWs across the nation.

Thank you, Seabrooks, for creating a great product, continuing to enhance it as it needs and processes change and for providing the opportunity for Community Impact staff to connect and share best practices and ideas. You guys rock!

Pfeffer McMaken, Senior Director, Community Investments
United Way of the Coastal Empire, Savannah, GA

Every one of my calls was answered with patience, attention to detail, and a solution. Most importantly, a bit of crisis management at times! Your support and guidance has made my work that much more enjoyable. Many thanks for going above and beyond in all that you do!

Sarah Lundquist-Harger, MSW, Community Impact Senior Associate
Capital Area United Way

“The reaction from the agencies and the volunteers was overwhelmingly positive. Agencies loved not having to submit multiple copies of the application. They also loved that they could log in and work on the application from anywhere.”

Nathan Thompson, MSW, Director of Community Partnership United Way of the Bluegrass (Metro 2), Lexington, KY

“We released two grants and our quarterly reporting on e-CImpact and the feedback from our funded program partners has been a resounding ‘YAY!’.

Thank you for offering an incredible product and stellar customer service!”

Tonya Andreacchio, Capacity Building Coordinator Children's Services Council of St. Lucie County

e-CImpact is a LIFE SAVER! I appreciate all the things the system does for us and the customer service is above and beyond what I’ve experienced with any other company.”

Carey Ann McLamara, Community Investment Associate Capital Area United Way (MI)

“As a long time e-CImpact user, I appreciate the continual enhancements that help me save time. Thanks for doing the little things that make the product even better!”

Paul Smith, Community Investment Allocations Manager
United Way of Central Carolinas

We are so glad we chose e-CImpact! Our implementation was ‘practically perfect in every way’ thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of Seabrooks’ staff.

Julie Hinkson, Executive Director
United Way of Mesa County

We recently switched our grant management system to e-CImpact. It’s like night and day. Seabrooks staff helped us streamline our application to make it easier for agencies. They LOVE using e-CImpact and thanked us for making the change. We can’t wait to share their feedback with our Board so they know the return on their investment. Priceless!

Denise Peters-Kauihou, Community Impact Director
United Way Blackhawk Region

Seabrooks not only helps build your grant process, they build ongoing relationships.

Beverly Phillips, Community Services Director
United Way of Hancock County

In 9+ years I’ve never had a poor experience working with Seabrooks staff. Every single interaction is professional, personal and responsive. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, Seabrooks quickly gets back to us with results. I wish all companies shared their customer service philosophy!

Damian Spence, Planning Research Associate
United Way of King County