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Successfully move your mission forward faster with e-CImpact!


With the help of e-CImpact, our full-service grant management system, you’ll boost your awe-inspiring community impact efforts and your mission will be backed by a team fully committed to your success.

When you need to build and publish applications, gather evaluations, send award notifications, collect progress reports, and measure and analyze outcomes with no time to spare, e-CImpact has you covered with one-stop-shop impact investment services tailored to support your mission and save you time.


e-CImpact: Full-Service System For Your Complete Grant Cycle

  • Applications will align with your goals

    Build and manage unique application processes designed to facilitate relationships and investments that contribute to your mission.

  • User-friendly and reliable data collection

    Custom-tailored applications, reports, and evaluations are easy to navigate and complete for applicants and reviewers, giving you data you can count on.

  • Easy and effective evaluations

    Single-page application access and scoring keeps reviewers engaged in your process without a steep online evaluation learning curve.

  • Streamline award notifications and funding agreements

    Create, collect signatures, and track personalized funding letters and agreements in one place.

  • Funding tracking and trends

    Ditch the spreadsheets! Track your funding decisions and rationale in one place for quick analysis and impact investment trends.

  • Reporting keeps you up to date on your investments

    Pre-populated templates and customizable requirements make reporting a snap for grantees and ensure consistent data across reporting processes.


Data On-Demand with e-CImpact

  • At-a-glance, real-time updates across the system

    Process status dashboards, request notifications and more, keep you on the fast track to the knowledge you need, when you need it.

  • Built-in data analysis

    Demographic, financial, impact, and funding data (and so much more!) are a few simple clicks away with robust reporting and dashboarding features.

  • Outcomes measurement and analysis simplified

    Straightforward performance measurement aligned to your goals turns into actionable data in no time with ready-to-run report templates.


e-CImpact Lets You Communicate and Connect

  • Stress-free site visit and meeting scheduling

    Site visit and meeting invitations eliminate unending inbox influx and make sign-up and RSVP tracking a cinch.

  • Ask, inform, and engage

    Seamlessly collect questions from reviewers and answers from applicants in the system, and track and share feedback for deeper engagement.

  • Communication tools and tracking

    Keep grantees, reviewers, and teammates in the know with automated notifications, custom emails, email delivery tracking, and profile notes and comments.

  • Spread the word

    Easily share announcements with applicants, important messages with reviewers, or a shared-impact update for a select group of grantees with homepage announcements and a document-sharing center.


e-CImpact Gives You Back Valuable Time

  • Automated tasks save time

    Set-it-and-forget-it options abound! Automatically open and close applications, verify applicant eligibility, schedule email reminders for reviewers, and set up recurring email reports to keep everyone updated and on track.

  • Quick-start copy and update options

    Get a big head start on your new application, award letter, reminder email, homepage announcement, and more by simply clicking “copy.”

  • Tailored access for the whole team

    Help team members help themselves to key information and critical data with individualized access to the system.

  • Coding-free system management

    Drag-and-drop form building, checkbox settings options, and walk-you-through-it wizards mean there is no need for a degree in software engineering or IT.

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