We understand you need to engage a wide variety of partners over time to move the needle on issues important your community, not simply make one-time grants. Community impact begins with strong relationships.

e-CImpact can help you build and maintain them.


e-CImpact is a secure, cloud-based Grant and Community Impact Management Software System that helps impact-driven organizations discover the strategies and solutions that will allow them to do the most good for the causes they care about – and direct resources accordingly.

Since relationships are the foundation of community impact, the system helps funders effectively build and manage relationships with grantees, reviewers and other stakeholders.

As your needs change, the system evolves with you.


seabrook_featured_img_circiffe-CImpact will simplify your grant making process – saving time, money and frustration – and ultimately helping you direct more funds toward community solutions.

You don’t need to comprise quality either.  With e-CImpact, you can be both efficient and effective.

Why e-CImpact?

Here are a few reasons we’ve been successfully supporting organizations like yours for over 20 years.

  • Cost-effective, efficient information storage that is paperless and cloud-based
  • Customizable based on your workflow, forms and requirements – and you can change over time as your needs evolve (ps – we don’t upcharge for flexibility)
  • Strategically direct resources by funding solutions that have a measurable impact
  • Grant and performance management tools allow you to focus on the relationship-building, not enforcing requirements or tracking down information
  • Easily view, analyze and share measurable results with our powerful Advanced Reporting Tool that includes built-in data visualizations, analytics and customizable dashboards
  • Unlimited technical support – call, email or live chat (ps – we also don’t upcharge for the customer service you deserve)
  • No hidden fees – our all-inclusive software and support package helps you save money


In addition to grant management, impact-driven philanthropy requires an adaptable and robust performance management system to track results.

e-CImpact gives you easy access to real-time information and data through our Advanced Reporting Tool, which includes built-in graphs, interactive charts and business intelligence tools such as customizable dashboards.

Did we mention that’s included in your e-CImpact subscription…at no extra cost?

Good strategy relies on timely, relevant and accurate data.

e-CImpact goes beyond grant management by giving you the tools you need to measure and analyze results over time.

  • Determine program effectiveness using custom reporting and accountability forms
  • Align grantees to shared measures related to your community impact strategies
  • Track progress toward goals by comparing performance targets to actual results
  • Analyze impact data at all levels – by individual grantee, group of partners, impact area, funding portfolios, or across all investments
  • Business intelligence tools to bring your data to life through customizable reports, charts and dashboards you need.


e-CImpact  is a highly flexible system designed to evolve with you over time.

The system is flexible enough to meet your ever-changing needs, but keeps a history of where you’ve been along way. Plus, we continually release new features based on customer feedback – at no additional cost to you.


A lot of companies say it, but we mean it.

Seabrooks customers are part of our family and we treat you accordingly. You’ll always have access to unlimited first-class technical support via live chat, phone, or email with support staff who know and care about you and your organization.

Have a question? No problem…we’re here when you need us.

In addition to unlimited technical support via live chat, phone, or email, we also offer weekly trainings and other self-support resources to ensure your success with our products, especially as new staff join your team.

Seabrooks is known for excellent customer service – just ask any of our current clients!

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One-time setup fee to get started and an all-inclusive monthly subscription – that’s it (no, really).

Seabrooks professionals will spend over 60 hours setting up your customized e-CImpact system, including the workflow, requirements, and forms for your first process. After that, the only ongoing cost is a monthly subscription based on your usage.

You’ll never pay for extra for add-ons, new features, or our unlimited technical support.

What’s Included?

  • Full access to all features in e-CImpact, including Advanced Reporting with built-in charts and interactive graphs, business intelligence tools and customizable dashboards
  • Ability to run multiple grant processes with unique requirements simultaneously
  • Worry-free hosting; no servers to maintain
  • Secure data storage and backup
  • All system upgrades with no annual upgrade fees
  • Unlimited technical support for System Administrators (Monday – Friday, 9am to 6pm CT), including live chat, email or phone
  • Ongoing training and professional development, including 24/7 access to the support site with 12-week pre-recorded training series, live weekly trainings and Hands-On Lab, and an invitation to our annual User’s Group conference
  • Complimentary consultation session to help you successfully navigate a major change or staff turnover…don’t worry, we’ve got your back!
  • Shape the future of e-CImpact with continual opportunities to submit new feature requests and participation in feedback forums to improve our system (optional)

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