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Next-Level Outcome Measurement for Your Mission


Next-level outcome measurement analysis is in your grasp with i-CResults. This nifty tool takes simple individual-level data collection from community members receiving services and seamlessly turns it into powerful results. It does this with the help of a shared measurement tool and built-in analytics. This tool is a companion product to e-CImpact, our full-service grant management system.


Streamlined Data Collection with i-CResults

  • Customized data collection

    Create easy-to-access surveys for community members receiving services with customized questions to determine impact.

  • Standardized measurement

    Share a standard measurement tool and achievement criteria across multiple organizations to ensure consistent results.

  • Flexible response collection options

    Meet programs and community members where they are with four unique survey sharing and response entry options.


i-CResults Turns Answers into Actionable Data

  • Community-specific indicators of achievement

    Track performance and measure data aligned to your areas of focus and community needs.

  • Translate responses into measures of success

    Align a specific survey response, or responses, to a community-specific indicator, automatically calculating achievement.

  • Real-time results

    Action-oriented organizations have no time to wait! Results are available to view and analyze within minutes of entry.


i-CResults Gives You Deep Data Analysis

  • Panoramic performance view

    Easily summarize data and analyze progress in different focus areas today and over time.

  • Compare results to assess progress

    Quickly spot effectiveness and opportunities for improvement by comparing program results or an individual client’s progress by comparing pre-service and post-service results.

  • Dig into demographics

    Compare results by demographic categories to pinpoint how certain factors influence achievement.

  • Empower programs

    Organizations have access to powerful data analysis tools for a deep data analysis of their own services as well as a view of how they compare to other programs tracking the same data.

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