We simply could not have done what we have done without this platform. You may not feel that you are connected to the community response to COVID, but we simply could not have processed the number of applications for assistance from our community agency partners without the ability to have them apply through this platform and have the volunteer review committee access them so easily. All of you have made it possible for us to deliver critical money to the front lines. Thank you!

One of the partner agencies who applied and was funded reported that in a survey of the car pick-up line that they hosted, 37% of the people reported that they had never visited a food pantry in their life before that day. Our ability to be nimble fuels their ability to be nimble and e-CImpact made that possible.

Betty-Joan Beaudry
Director of Community Impact and 2-1-1
United Way of the Valley and Greater Utica

We’re so pleased with this platform and the customer service and friends we’ve made at Seabrooks! We are in good hands with your company! I think it’s really special that I know so many people at Seabrooks by name and know I can reach out at any time with questions.”

Mandy DeWilde
Senior Program Data Administrator of Community Impact
Heart of West Michigan United Way

“We just pulled data from our first report period and WOW, what would have taken us a day and caused a massive headache with our last software took less than five minutes using e-CImpact!

Hannah Yeoman , Data and Evaluation Manager
United Way of Allen County, Fort Wayne, IN

“No more reams of paper or endless excel spreadsheets to review. We were even able to complete the recommendation process in just one night.”

Lisa Rutter, Education Program Coordinator
United Way of Knox County

“[Seabrooks] went well above and beyond what was expected…patiently walking me through the software, answering all of my questions, and giving me kind encouragement. This is in line with what I’ve experienced every time I’ve called the e-CImpact help line; the customer service provided is the best of any software company that I’ve ever worked with. When I have a question, I know that I can count on the Seabrooks team.”

Paul Klein
Community Impact Manager
United Way of Benton & Franklin Counties

“We released two grants and our quarterly reporting on e-CImpact and the feedback from our funded program partners has been a resounding ‘YAY!’.

Thank you for offering an incredible product and stellar customer service!”

Tonya Andreacchio, Capacity Building Coordinator
Children's Services Council of St. Lucie County, Port St. Lucie, FL

“Our review panel volunteers LOVE using e-CImpact to evaluation proposals… even the ones that had reservations at first about switching to a cloud-based system. e-CImpact makes it so easy for them!”

Jaynese Waddell, Director of Community Impact
United Way of the Ocoee Region

What would have required me to go through 41 grants took less than five minutes using e-CImpact! Not only was I able to pull the data quickly, I had the ability to see the nuances of the information and language entered by the agencies across Focus Area. Prior to using e-CImpact, we weren’t seeing this… We are now able to ‘magnify’ a focus area, see the connections among agencies and dig deep, to get a thorough understanding of the what is needed.”

Abby Landmeier
Manager Community Funding & Volunteers
United Way of Mesa County, Grand Junction, CO

The reimbursement module has made the reimbursement process easier for everyone involved!

We received “KUDOS” from the STATE when we submitted our first report using the reimbursement request forms! They were impressed that we are able to submit all of the required information and documents in an organized and detailed way; without additional spreadsheets!

Our Agencies love how easy the reimbursement module has made it for them to complete their monthly reimbursement requests, upload the required backup documents, and submit the entire request for approval.

Our Finance and accounting departments love that there are no longer tons of spreadsheets to sift through and our President loves that we were able to streamline our reimbursement process using a system we already had and without any added costs.

Integrating the reimbursement module into our State grant allocation process in e-CImpact was simple and easy for everyone to learn!

Tee Martin
Senior Associate Data Analyst
United Way of the Mid-South

“The reaction from the agencies and the volunteers was overwhelmingly positive. Agencies loved not having to submit multiple copies of the application. They also loved that they could log in and work on the application from anywhere.”

Nathan Thompson, MSW, Director of Community Partnership
United Way of the Bluegrass, Lexington, KY

“As always, e-CImpact is very user friendly – setting up new semi-annual reports is a breeze!”

Matt Fedak, Community Impact Data Analyst
United Way of Greater Cleveland

“We are so glad we chose e-CImpact! Our implementation was ‘practically perfect in every way’ thanks to the knowledge and professionalism of Seabrooks’ staff.”

Julie Hinkson, Executive Director
United Way of Mesa County, Grand Junction, CO

“Thank you to all the Seabrooks staff for their great work!  They are always there when I need them and so awesome to deal with.  They’ve helped me get out of a jam more time than I can count.  Seabrooks is the best and I mean that.

Nate Bruckner, Director of Community Impact
United Way of Indian River County, Vero Beach, FL

“We can get our data quickly since we no longer rely on Excel spreadsheets or need to manipulate raw data! e-CImpact does that for us!”

“We have a small staff of two at United Way of the Florida Keys. There is no way we could have pulled the amount of data together, in the way we did, to create the ‘Florida Keys: Living Through Irma’ publication. Using e-CImpact provided a way for us to effortlessly pull and combine report data from several phases and dates of our Hurricane Irma recovery efforts. e-CImpact has definitely broadened our capacity to do more.”

Leah Stockton
President / CEO
United Way of the Florida Keys

Thank you so much for adding the online chat feature to the e-CImpact support site. It is a great tool to have as I develop forms and has already saved me some $$ with long distance charges. Normally, I have to call multiple times for support and now I’ve created my mid-year investment report with online chat support and only one phone call.

Thanks for being so responsive to customer needs.”

Tammie Collins, Executive Vice President, Community Impact
United Way of Central Georgia (Metro 2)
Macon, GA

“I have been utilizing the e-CImpact tool for 3 years and our United Way has used it for a total of 4. Having watched my predecessor deal with notebooks, data in inconsistent formats, changes at the last minute, creating reports from scratch …… I feel really blessed to be using this system.

Not only is this system step-by-step user friendly; when you stumble the help desk is amazing. You do not have to be a techy to work the system. Their online chat ability gives you quick response to immediate questions and they will follow up by phone if necessary, and help you with personal web trainings with access to their desktop or let “you drive”; so to speak. Or simply make that personal call to them.

They LISTEN. If there is something you wish they could offer – they put it out there for the users to evaluate and if enough are interested, they look at implementing the change. I don’t think there is much you CAN’T do with this system. I tell my volunteers in training that there is no ‘fear factor’ when using the system. This is the first year we used the Question & Answer Forum during grant review. The volunteers loved getting questions answered immediately rather than waiting until group meetings, and seeing the questions and answers from other reviewers eliminated duplicate questions.

I would highly recommend this system, not just for the efficiencies, but for the personal assistance, which only gets better.”

Bev Phillips, Community Services Director
United Way of Hancock County

“The Aloha United Way Community Building department uses e-CImpact as its primary interface with all funded agencies. Over the past three years we have moved all of those interactions online and now enjoy a paperless system. That alone creates significant savings; however, when faced with budget decreases as a result of the current recession, Aloha United Way was able to reduce staffing by one full time equivalent without any reduction in services because of the streamlined processes e-CImpact allowed. This reduction resulted in a savings of approximately $60,000 in salary and benefits.”

Norm Baker, VP, Community Building
Aloha United Way, Honolulu, HI

“Just as soon as our volunteers get up to speed with e-CImpact, they appreciate the ability to do their work without all the paper. Our agencies depend on e-CImpact to interact with volunteers and staff. As far as our staff are concerned, we are having a hard time remembering our allocation processes in the “good old days” when we were hauling around big binders of material. From day one, we have received unsurpassed customer service from the Seabrooks folks. They make us feel like they want us to succeed as much as we do!

Angie Welsh, Senior Vice President Resource Investment
United Way of the Greater Triangle

e-CImpact has truly made our United Way more efficient and cost effective. The e-CImpact software provided by Seabrooks, Inc. is quite possibly the best investment the United Way of LaPorte County has made, for its own investment process. For years, the United Way of LaPorte County has relied on paper applications for its investment / allocation process. . Paper, copy, and binder expenses reached over $200 each year for every program applying for funding. e-CImpact changed that. This online tool has enabled all funding applications to be completed on line, saving the above mentioned costs. e-CImpact has truly made our United Way more efficient and cost effective.”

Dave Sisk, Manager of Community Engagement
United Way of LaPorte County, Michigan City, IN

I love the support, you really hear us when we have enhancement request. I’ve personally seen many implemented, it is wonderful!

Nicole Shiner, Operations Manager, CI
United Way of Massachusetts Bay and Merrimack Valley, Boston, MA

Thank you for providing us with not only a great product but a great all around experience. Your great work is helping us accomplish ours and we are very thankful to have found Seabrooks.”

Hannah Yeoman , Data and Evaluation Manager
United Way of Allen County, Fort Wayne, IN

I like the system(e-CImpact)! I like learning new things each day. I like the new features in the form builder – it is easy and user friendly. I love how easy it is to sort the rows. The system (e-CImpact) is GREAT!

Deatrica Fuller, Community Impact Specialist
United Way of the Mid-South, Memphis, TN

Data Roll-over is definitely my favorite. So easy to do this all on our own!

Rebecca Carter, Community Investments Manager
United Way of Metropolitan Nashville, Nashville, TN

The AMAZING support staff and assistance from SEABROOKS (love the chat function as you well know)! – and their constant improvements.

Amy Petersen, Community Impact Manager
United Way of Roanoke Valley, Roanoke, VA

e-CImpact has enabled us to streamline all our application processes and has reduced our carbon footprint remarkably.

Mahealani Kekauoha, Assistant Vice President Community Impact
Aloha United Way, Honolulu, HI