Free Webinar Oct 29, 2019 @ 11 am CT: Finding Efficiency Through Online Evaluation

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Free Educational Webinar Oct 29, 2019 @ 11:00 am CT. Click image to register for free.

United Way of Greater Houston found itself at a crossroads. With a growing number of funding opportunities to manage and volunteers to engage in the evaluation process, the standard way of doing things wasn’t going to cut it.

It was time to take another step in the evolution from paper to an online evaluation process!

Doris Moran, Senior Program Manager, and Erin Trytten, Senior Program Manager, with United Way of Greater Houston will share their journey from paper evaluations to sending applications to volunteers for review through USB flash drives in the mail, to emailing spreadsheets and finally to instant, online access and reviews for dozens of volunteers!

Join us for our latest Educational Webinar: Finding Efficiency Through Online Evaluation. Listen to United Way of Greater Houston’s story and learn how you can:   

  • Tailor online evaluations for multiple funding processes to meet distinct requirements
   • Ensure grant managers can easily access the grants in their portfolio and manage their unique evaluation processes
   • Tips to build your evaluation for ease of use and more reliable results from volunteer reviewers
   • How moving to an online evaluation has impacted volunteer involvement
   • So much more!

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