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Easing the Burden of Fiscal Compliance Labor Tracking for Grants

March 4, 2019

Easing the Burden of Fiscal Compliance Labor Tracking for Grants

If you receive funding from HUD, VOCA or a similar source, you are accountable to these funding sources for how you are utilizing these grants and we know, the increased reporting and compliance requirements from these funding organizations can be burdensome. ReportMyTime, was developed in conjunction with The Family Place in Dallas, TX, specifically to address the challenges identified with the increased compliance requirements associated with labor tracking for grants.

Karen Black, Director of Accounting at The Family Place in Dallas, TX, will share how ReportMyTime has saved administrative and employee time, reduced time entry errors, and increased their ability to meet the various reporting requirements for the grants The Family Place receives.

Keeping track of the time and work spent on their grant-funded projects was becoming an increasingly difficult, time consuming and stressful process; especially when considering that employees often work on multiple projects with various reporting requirements.

The Family Place agency has been serving the Dallas community for over 40 years focusing on helping the victims of domestic violence.

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