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2019 e-CImpact Conference Was a Hit

June 10, 2019

The room was rocking and the ideas were rolling at the 2019 e-CImpact User Conference!

Hosted by United Way of the Mid-South in Memphis, Tennessee, the Seabrooks team welcomed more that 50 e-CImpact users representing 38 private and public funding organizations from 20 states for 3 days of learning, networking, and fun (really!).

What happened in Memphis is not staying in Memphis! Seabrooks family members are taking their new knowledge and connections back to their communities for streamlined processes and some serious positive impact. Presentations, hands-on practice, and group discussions focused on best practices and efficiencies in funding and performance measurement, and how to leverage e-CImpact to achieve it all.

Attendees were treated to inspiring presentations by their peers who shared how they are meeting their community’s unique needs with e-CImpact’s powerful and flexible capabilities. They also found plenty of inspiration sharing their work and their wisdom with one another in group discussions. Speaking of being treated, Seabrooks family members capped off a terrific conference with a memorable Memphis evening on a private tour of Graceland!

So, what do Seabrooks family members have to say about the experience?

“All of the information was very informative and relative. I really loved the hands-on sections. I’ve not experienced that at a conference.”

“Because of this conference, I feel confident that I am able to communicate within our United Way, how we can use tools more robustly and create efficiencies.”

 “Thank you for a wonderful experience. I am looking forward to getting home and making changes and hope to see you all next year.”

“Seabrooks Staff is awesome.  They are so friendly and will absolutely do everything in their power to make every activity helpful.  My abilities have improved so much within the e-CImpact system and I credit all of it to the Seabrooks Staff.”

“I am endlessly impressed by the level of support you provide and how you work so hard to accommodate everyone as these conferences.”

The Seabrooks Team was equally impressed by the camaraderie, sharing, and dedication of each conference attendee. Here’s to a great conference this year, an even better one next year, and a ton of efficient, effective, and evolving community impact in between.


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