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Is Your Organization Investing in the Right Programs?

July 1, 2019

Community investment success starts with your strategic plan

That’s a big question. Take your fingers off the keyboard, eyes off the screen, lean back in your chair, and take a few moments to think about it.

Are you back? Great! What conclusion did you come to? If you aren’t sure if you are investing the right programs, you’re not alone. Let’s start at the foundation.

Want community investment success? Start with your strategic plan!

A successful community investment strategy and process will be aligned to your organization’s overall strategic plan. If you can draw a connecting line from your strategic plan through your funding practices, you are more likely to achieve the impact you are striving for. You are more likely to say “YES! We are investing in the right programs!”

Don’t have your organization’s strategic plan memorized or don’t have one? That’s okay! Consider what goals you talk about with your stakeholders and what your organization hopes to accomplish within your community.

Now, let’s put on those strategic plan goggles to take a high-level look at our funding processes to be sure you fund programs that will help you reach your objectives!

Identifying and deploying processes that are in line with your strategic plan is a great place to start. Having the right tools to do this is crucial. Seabrooks has you covered!

Learn how having e-CImpact in your community investment toolbox can help your organization efficiently and effectively accelerate your journey to funding the right programs by reaching out to the Seabrooks team at

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