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Application Processes That Amaze!

August 1, 2019

Key components to consider when building your grant application process

You’ve been entrusted with investing your community’s contributions in meaningful and effective work. No pressure! Determining how your application process will be structured to make this happen efficiently for all stakeholders (including you!) can be challenging.

You’ve got what it takes and Seabrooks has your back with e-CImpact.

Let’s take a look at key components of application processes that will amaze!

Attract the Right Applicants

Are you receiving applications that aren’t aligned with your strategic plan? Here are steps you can take to minimize this, saving time for you, your reviewers, and the non profits in your community that are considering applying:

•    Publicize your goals and investment priorities
•    Host pre-application information sessions
•    Use a qualification process to confirm applicants meet threshold criteria
•    Incorporate a Letter of Intent to identify who should move on to the full application
•    Share agreement and reporting requirements for funding before the application process opens

Collect the Right Information

Now that you’ve got the right non profit community partners requesting funds, you’ll need to collect information in the application that will guide you to the best possible investments for positive impact in your community.

•    Proof of sound investment such as an audit, IRS Form 990, and Budget
•    Demonstrated alignment with funding objectives and contribution to goals
•    Clearly defined, achievable activities to be implemented during the funding period
•    Identification of population to be impacted by activities
•    Specified performance measures to be reported

Make the Application the Right Size

When you evaluate the amount of time needed to complete your application and its complexity, is it proportionate to the amount of funding you are offering? By making the application the right size, you are honoring non profit agencies’ time while getting the critical information you need, helping application reviewers focus only on what’s important, and saving yourself time spent reading through material you won’t use.

•    Identify what key elements an applicant will provide to show they are a sound investment
•    Determine what information reviewers actually use to make funding decisions
•    Use the “nice-to-know” versus the “need-to-know” test to determine want information you won’t truly use and eliminate it!

Manage the Application in the Right System

e-CImpact helps you manage an application process that will be sure to amaze you, your applicants, and your reviewers. Vet your applicants, ensure they identify how they are aligned to your goals, collect the information you need to be certain they are financially sound, and make the experience seamless so you and your non profit community partners can spend more time on your missions.

Learn how having e-CImpact in your community investment toolbox can help your organization efficiently and effectively accelerate your journey to creating application processes that amaze by reaching out to the Seabrooks team at

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