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Access to Performance Data in e-CImpact’s New Advanced Reporting Tool

December 6, 2016

PRESS RELEASE: e-CImpact is a comprehensive and customizable Community Impact Management System trusted by more than 125 funding organization across the U.S. and Canada to effectively and efficiently manage their community grants and partnerships.

Data captured in the system often includes the results partners have with the funding they receive, including outputs and outcomes. These performance indicators allow funders to gauge the impact their dollars make on the community and tell the story of what’s possible when partners work collectively to achieve shared goals.

“Organizations that want to make an impact on the community need access to the wide range of performance data so they know where and how to invest their resources in a way that yields the highest return on investment” states Patti Brooks, Seabrooks President and Founder, “The new Advanced Reporting Tool gives our customers an essential tool to accomplish that goal, easily and in real time.”

The new feature in e-CImpact provides users access to more than 150 report templates and includes built-in data visualizations and customizable performance dashboards, all at no additional cost.

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