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Enhanced e-CImpact Security

February 1, 2024

Upgrades are off to a strong start in the new year

We take quite a few things seriously here at Seabrooks:

Providing grant management solutions that make it easier for you to make a difference. Giving the best support and service to Seabrooks family members. Unlimited access to coffee (okay, that applies to only some of us, but it’s up there on the list!).

Among the many things we take seriously is your data security. We’ve started the year off strong with our latest round of security-boosting features in e-CImpact.

  • More robust password requirements. No, it doesn’t have to be 20 characters long with alternating symbols, letters, and numbers. We’ve simply added a requirement or two to give our site’s security a little more “oomph.”
  • Upgraded options for forgotten passwords. How does fewer calls for help to sign in and reset passwords sound? Good? We thought so! Our new sign in assistance option sends an automated one-time sign in link to a user’s email for quick access.
  • Temporary lock out after multiple failed sign in attempts. If the tenth time is not a charm when attempting to sign in, users will be locked out for a short time before they can try signing in again. Increased security for your users while keeping forced entry attempts to a minimum? Yes!
  • Optional two-factor authentication for Admin Site users. Want an extra layer of security for your administrator site? We’ve got you covered with the simple check of a box.
  • Optional automated periodic password reset for Admin Site users. Your system, your rules! If your organization has a policy requiring regular password resetting in the systems you use, you now have a set-it-and-forget-it option to require updated passwords at an interval you choose.

With these upgrades, and the many other security-focused features in e-CImpact, you can check data security and integrity of your grant management system wish list.

If you are ready to see what other wish list items Seabrooks can check off your list, we’d love to chat with you. Request a demo or reach out to today.

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