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Evaluations Made Easy with e-CImpact

March 1, 2022

Easy and actionable application evaluations are in sight with these steps

Letters of Intent, Requests for Proposals, and Progress Reports come in all shapes in sizes. Evaluations do too! Creating an efficient, tailored evaluation process doesn’t have to be complicated, and e-CImpact is here to help.

Evaluation Experiences Made to Order

A community volunteer review, financial review, or internal staff review are often focused on different elements of an application or report.

Shining a spotlight on the information a reviewer needs, while eliminating time spent wading through information they don’t, can result in a better experience for them and more reliable evaluation data for you. Customize each reviewer’s experience by:
   • Showing only the forms they require for their evaluation.
   • Hiding supporting documents that do not impact their evaluation.
   • Providing custom guidance, resources, and announcements suited to their review experience.
   • Giving access to previously submitted applications and reports for context where needed.

Actionable Evaluation Data

The thought and effort you put into asking meaningful questions of the agencies you work with in your community has yielded impact-oriented insight for the services they provide. Equally, meaningful questions and response options for reviewers will give you powerful information to guide your agency-supporting actions. Let’s look at a couple of things to think about:
   • Determine what type of response to collect for each question (numeric score, comment, funding recommendation, and more!) by identifying what information will best inform your decision-making process.
   • If certain evaluation responses should have greater bearing on final decisions, make those responses worth more points (and let the system do the math and weighting for you!).
   • Provide clear guidance on what constitutes a specific response or score, so your reviewers are providing the most consistent information possible.

Fill the Information Gaps for Accurate Assessment

Whether you and your team are reviewing grant reports or community members are evaluating requests for funding, there are sure to be questions that pop up for the agencies that have submitted this information. You don’t have to guess at the answers. Fill in the gaps along the way by collecting answers from agencies to get the most accurate evaluation results.
   • Be clear with reviewers that asking questions about submitted reports and applications is not only okay, but a good thing!
   • Provide easy-to-follow guidance on how questions can be sent for review and response.
   • Consider managing this flow of questions and answers while the evaluation is in progress, so reviewers can submit their scores and responses with the whole story in their hands.
   • Share any answers and additional information received with other reviewers, so everyone is on the same page.

e-CImpact makes it easy with:
   • Options to display only what’s relevant with the check of a box.
   • Customized announcements, instructions, and resources for reviewers.
   • Unlimited evaluation questions, so you never have to worry about getting the critical feedback you need.
   • Flexible question options to meet your needs.
   • A forum to collect questions from reviewers (and answers from agencies!) right in the system.
   • BONUS: Ready-to-use report templates to simplify evaluation analysis.

Are you ready for easy, actionable evaluations backed by the best service and support around? Reach out to to discover how Seabrooks can help.

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