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Personalized Performance Measurement with e-CImpact

August 1, 2021

Customized performance measure to reflect your community's needs

Your organization’s unique mission and goals guide your funding decisions. They are also the lens through which you measure success and how impact will be gauged.

Here’s the thing, “one-size-fits-all” does not apply to you or the programs and projects you invest in. This is particularly true when it comes to performance measurement. Your grant management software should meet you, and the agencies you work with, where you are.

e-CImpact is here to help!

Personalized performance measurement for you.

Collect standard, focus area-aligned measures, outcomes, outputs, indicators, program-defined measures, or a mix of all of the above! Based on your objectives, you set the parameters and performance measurement workflow which can include:
   • Your customized terminology (do you call them indicators? Measures of success? You Decide!)
   • Unique performance measures which can be aligned to specific impact/focus areas
   • A specific number of performance measures being required
   • Unique data and narrative collection forms for specific performance measure types
   • Automated calculations to show progress

That’s just the start!

Personalized performance measurement for programs.

The agencies you work with will thank you for taking the guess work out of explaining their alignment with our funding priorities and how they made an impact with the help of your investment. This may include:
   • Specific performance measures being shown based on their impact/focus area alignment
   • The ability to preview measures associated to a specific outcome before selecting it
   • An option to provide measures and data unique to their program
   • Pre-populated performance measurement data based on past submissions
   • The opportunity to tell the story behind the data shared for each performance measure

Personalized performance measurement mission accomplished! Now what?

   • Use e-CImpact’s report templates to review and analyze the data at the individual program level, across multiple programs, trends across time, and more
   • Identify bright spots and gaps so you may provide support to the agencies you are working with and increase positive impact
   • Share the difference being made in your community with your stakeholders
   • Rest assured you’re moving toward achieving your goals

Are you ready to personalize your performance measurement while receiving the best service and support around? Reach out to to discover how Seabrooks can help.

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