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Count on Seabrooks Support

July 1, 2021

Unlimited support for your extraordinary impact

You need help! That’s not a loaded statement. We all need help from time to time but sometimes it’s hard to ask for it. You may feel like your question is a silly one, your question is too complicated, or you are bugging folks. The Seabrooks Support Team hears comments like these nearly every day.

Here’s the thing, we LOVE helping our Seabrooks family members! We love it so much we’ve made support unlimited for all of the organizations we serve. Your question isn’t silly and you certainly are not bugging us when you reach out for support!

What can you expect from the Seabrooks Support Team?

Fast, reliable responses. Your work is important, and you shouldn’t have to wait for days to receive help with your tasks. Seabrooks is committed to responding to your request within 4 business hours of receiving it (though you’ll rarely wait that long!).

Judgement-free assistance. Whether you are working in the system for the first time and aren’t sure where to start or a long-time e-CImpact user who’s forgotten how to update something in the system, there is no silly question or foolish reason to reach out for help.

Team members who give a darn! Whoa…strong language there, we know! When you reach out to Seabrooks, you can count on speaking with someone who knows you and your work. No anonymous tech support call center here. Just people you are familiar with and can rely on for answers, a friendly ear, and kind words.

Bottom Line: You deserve the best tools to accomplish your impact work and premium support to back them up. Reach out to to learn how Seabrooks and its products to help you and your team.

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