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Site Visits Simplified with e-CImpact

June 1, 2021

Turn to e-CImpact for stress-free site visit scheduling

You need to schedule site visits for your community volunteers with several of your applicant agencies. Where to start?

Reach out to the agencies one-by-one to see when folks can visit and at what location? Poll the volunteers to see which agencies they would like to visit and when? Send emails to everyone, wait for replies, and sort out the mess once all the responses are in?

There’s a better way!

e-CImpact’s Site Visit Management features simplify scheduling for everyone.

A straightforward experience for agencies.
   •  They may view options and select the best day and time to receive visitors
   •  They can share the address they would like visitors to come to
   •  They’ll receive an email confirmation of their selection automatically

A simple, efficient experience for volunteers.
   •  They’ll be able to view and sign up for available site visits within e-CImpact
   •  They can view the location of the site visit, including a map, when signing up
   •  They may add the site visit appointment to their calendar with one click
   •  They’ll receive an automated email confirmation with the details of their site visit

A stress-free experience for you!
   •  You can set up site visit appointment options in a few simple steps
   •  Once appointment options are no longer available they will not display to agencies, eliminating double booking
   •  You will be notified each time an agency or volunteer signs up for a site visit
   •  Running a simple report will show you who is going where and when

The bottom line: e-CImpact’s site visit management tools, enhanced by its customizable communication and announcement features, make for fully engaged, informed, and happy stakeholders.

Are you ready to simplify your site visits while receiving the best service and support around? Reach out to to discover how Seabrooks can help.

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