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10 Simple Questions to get the System Support You Deserve

August 1, 2020

When you've found your "just right" product, be sure it comes with top-notch support

You’ve just purchased the product that is going to solve all of your problems. YES! You have just one quick question about a product feature that is going to make life so much easier. A quick call to support should do the trick!

Hmmm….the number to contact support doesn’t seem to be anywhere on the website. No problem, an email will work…until you get that automated message directing you to read the online manual. With a deep breath (sigh?), a click on the link for the manual leads you down an epic rabbit hole with no end, let alone an answer, in sight.

We’ve all been there. When it comes to introducing technology to your organization’s impact toolbox, you simply don’t have time to go there.

A good product is made great when it comes with the service and support you deserve. When you’ve found that “just right” product, take it a step further to be sure you have top-notch support backing you up by asking some simple questions:

   1. Is there a customized onboarding process to set your organization up for success?
   2. What ongoing training opportunities are available and are there costs associated with them?
   3. Is self-help guidance available such as online documentation or training videos?
   4. How and when can an actual human be reached for support?
   5. Is there a limit to the number of times you may reach out for support?
   6. Is there an additional cost for “premium” support?
   7. What is the standard response time once a request for support has been sent?
   8. How often are system improvements and upgrades implemented?
   9. Will system upgrades and improvements be included with service or will you have to pay additional fees to have access to them?
   10. What experience and knowledge does the support team have that will help you be successful?

With these answers in hand, the tumble down the rabbit hole is averted and your “happily ever after” with your problem-solving system may begin.

Bottom Line: The important work you do deserves the best support and service available regardless of the product or system. Ask critical questions, get the full picture, and settle for nothing less than great.

Seabrooks is committed to your success with staff that has a full spectrum of experience and expertise at the ready to assist you. This support, paired with a passion for continuous improvement and ongoing upgrades at no additional cost to you, means you get the best products and the best support so you can do your best work. If you are ready to settle for nothing less than great, reach out to the Seabrooks team at today!


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