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Applications and Reports are a Snap with e-CImpact

November 1, 2020

Leverage your grant management system so community partners can get in, get out, and get on with their important work

If your organization is funding community impact, odds are you are working with some incredible non-profit partners. You know their time is precious (as is yours!) and the more of it spent on making a difference in the community the better.

You’ve been diligent about improving your processes, reviewing and updating your application and reporting requirements, and have been proactive in your communications. What’s next? A system to bring all the pieces together in an easy-to-use, one-stop-shop for your partners!

Leveraging your grant and impact management system is a key component in supporting community partners so they can get in, get out, and get on with their important work.

Share because you care:
   • Homepage announcements, important news, event invitations, site-visit sign-ups, and more keep partners up to date.
   • A customizable resource center allows partners to access key reference and informational documents at any time.
   • Guidance and help text can be provided for a whole process, a portion of an application, and, if you’re feeling ambitious, each and every question in an application or report.
   • Automated and custom emails help partners stay updated on tasks completed in the system and important messages from you.
   • Feedback and questions from reviewers may be accessed/answered by partners in one, cloud-based place.

Give a head start:
   • Pre-populated data such as budget information and performance measures from previous applications and reports save time for partners (and ensure data integrity across processes!).
   • Calculated fields in application and reporting forms, such as the percent of clients achieving an indicator or revenue line item percent of overall budget, leave one less answer for partners to enter.
   • Automatically populate key information such as mission statements and program descriptions for partners that have participated in past processes.

The little things aren’t so little:
   • Auto-save ensures that if busy partners are pulled away from their application or report they needn’t fear losing their work.
   • Visual representation of progress at the process and form levels keep partners informed and on track.
   • Unique user accounts for each partner agency staff member allows their team to be fully engaged.
   • Customizable assignments and simple navigation give partners a tailored and intuitive experience.

“We released two grants and our quarterly reporting on e-CImpact and the feedback from our funded program partners has been a resounding ‘YAY!’.”

e-CImpact is here to help. Seabrooks is committed to your success with staff that has a full spectrum of experience and a grant management system that makes life easier for your partner agencies and for you. If you are ready to explore how the right system can make you and your partners say “YAY!”, reach out to the Seabrooks team at

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