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Communication is Key in Community Impact

December 1, 2021

Level up your communication game with e-CImpact

You’ve heard the saying: “communication is key.” But what does communication have to do with grant management and impact funding? Everything! You already know this, which is why you expect your grant management system to make sharing information with applicants, reviewers, and key members of your team simple and efficient.

That’s why e-CImpact includes a ton of easy-to-use, applicant-informing, reviewer-engaging, efficiency-boosting communication features. Let’s take a look at just some ways you can level up your communication game with e-CImpact.

Set it and forget it messages

Personalized, time-saving email options abound to keep you and your stakeholders apprised of the good work being done inside and outside the system.

Bulk Email: Write custom email messages to applicants, reviewers, and system users and schedule them to send at the opportune moment. Merge fields, embedded logos, and the option to add attachments help you share exactly what you need in the way you want. Ready for a bonus? You can track the delivery status for each bulk email recipient.

Email Reminders: A friendly, automated reminder about an upcoming deadline is a cinch in e-CImpact. Create, copy, and schedule reminder emails to go to agencies and reviewers as application, report, and evaluations near their closing dates. What puts this feature over the top? These messages will only be sent to folks who’ve not yet submitted.

System-Generated Email: You will be confident you are up-to-date on the latest and greatest actions agencies and reviewers are taking in the system thanks to automatic notifications. Even better? The agencies and reviewers you partner with receive these notifications too. Customize these messages and select which ones you’d like to keep active for a truly tailored experience for all.

Keep impact-focused information flowing

Funding positive, mission-aligned impact in your community is an all-hands-on-deck endeavor. e-CImpact helps you facilitate information gathering and feedback sharing, keeping it all in one system.

Question and Answer Forum: What better time to allow reviewers to ask questions about an application than while evaluating it? A simple click right from their evaluation page lets reviewers present a question to an applicant. How does an applicant answer? You have options! Save all questions to the end of the process then share, or send them through to the applicant as they come. You can even take a step or two out of sharing applicant responses by setting up automatic notifications to reviewers.

Feedback/Review: If you’re ready to share application feedback, reviewer notes, or staff remarks on an application or report, the Feedback/Review feature has you covered. Why not just send all of this in an email? Feedback/Review allows you to use message templates, categorize feedback, share with agencies (and see when they’ve viewed it!), share with reviewers, all while keeping it in a central location.

Scheduled Reports: If you need to keep your team informed of application statuses, review committee chairs up to date on evaluation scores, or your executive director familiar with impact data collected in reports, we’ve got a fantastic shortcut for you. e-CImpact’s Reports and Dashboards not only helps you get critical data out of the system in a few clicks, you can schedule a report to send to stakeholders once or regularly.

Get everyone on the same page with your home page

Leverage the home pages for agencies and reviewers to keep them informed and engaged.

News Items: Post important announcements, share upcoming opportunities, celebrate the collective impact being achieved and more. If it is front (home) page newsworthy, News Items is the perfect place to share it.

Resource Center: Sharing helpful documents for agencies and reviewers is trouble-free when you use the e-CImpact Resource Center. Not only can you share critical impact data reports, application guidance, and funding decision timelines, you can share them to specific groups and individuals to whom they will be most meaningful.

Home Page Layout: Make sure the most essential information is the first thing reviewers and agencies see by customizing their home page layout. Want recent meetings or events at the top? Perhaps an announcement should be the first thing they see? Simply drag and drop to bring the most important thing to the top.

The best part? This is just the start! If you are ready to engage, inform, and inspire your stakeholders with a grant management system that makes it simple, reach out to

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