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How to Find Your Best Grant Management System Part 2: System Selection

September 1, 2023

Ask these questions to find the right grant management system for your team

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find the best grant management system to help you, well, fulfill your mission!

Your team, reviewers, and community partners are counting on you to find a system that will meet all their needs.

Are you feeling the pressure? Of course not! With your internal needs assessment in hand, you know exactly what you’re looking for in your new grant management system, and you are ready to connect with companies that can help.

Have confidence in your decision-making process by getting answers to the following questions:
  •   Does the system check off everything on my “must-have” features list?
  •   Is the system free from things on my “must-not-have” list?
  •   How many of my “nice-to-have” features does the system have (and how many features I didn’t even know I wanted!)?
  •   After taking a tour of the system from the applicant, reviewer, and administrator perspectives, will it meet their needs?
  •   Is the system flexible enough to manage my organization’s work as it evolves?
  •   How much technical skill is needed to work in the system?
  •   Which system features are standard and which are “add-on” options?
  •   Is the system being continually improved and, if so, how often are new features and upgrades released?
  •   What does the onboarding process include and how long will it take?
  •   What support and training resources will be available to me and my team (including what is standard and what will result in fees)?
  •   What security measures are in place for data collected and managed in the system?
  •   What are the one-time and ongoing costs for the system, including potential optional fees?
  •   Are there maintenance fees or additional costs to access ongoing upgrades in the system?
  •   When can we get started?!

Okay, you probably don’t want to ask that last question of every company you talk to. When you find that perfect fit, it will feel great to get that start date on the calendar, and your new and improved grant management processes underway.

We’d love to chat with you to discover if e-CImpact is your best grant management system, making sure you have answers to all these questions and more. Reach out to today to schedule time to discuss your “just right” fit.

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