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It’s True! Your Grant Management System Can Track Your Programs’ Impact Too!

June 1, 2024

Streamline and save time with all your impact data in one place

If you are funding programs and services in your community, there’s a good chance you are collecting all kinds of inspiring impact data in your grant management system.

How about tracking all your inspiring data?

Many funders are not only investing in other organizations and services to support their neighbors but are also managing their own programs.

Why not track it all in one spot?

Here are a few ways tracking your own impact in your grant management system can help:

  1. Easy data entry. You’ve put a lot of work into finding a system that makes providing progress reports simple for funded partners. Take advantage of your easy-to-use system by entering your data just as your partners do.
  2. Quick access to your impact data. Being able to quickly and effortlessly see the difference you’re making with your programs today, and over time, allows you to understand what’s working, see where program improvements can be made, and to share how your hard work is improving circumstances in your community.
  3. Have the whole picture in your hands. Your programs and services combined with those of your partners are a force for good to be reckoned with! Having the ability to view and analyze the impact everyone’s efforts are making together can make finding opportunities and sharing your story even more powerful.
  4. One stop for all things impact. Tracking your programs’ impact in your grant management system helps you streamline and save precious time. From data entry, to analysis, to creating reports to show your impact, everyone at your organization will have just one place to go to find all your difference-making data.

With all your programs’ data in your system, deep analysis and your full impact story are at the ready for you and your team.

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