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Leverage Your Application and Report Data

May 1, 2023

Five 15-minute data analysis activities you can do today

You’re sitting on a goldmine! Don’t believe us? Take a few moments to think about all the information you receive from grantees sharing how your investment helps them serve your neighbors and community. If that collection of change-making, life-changing data isn’t gold, we don’t know what is!

Here’s the big question: Are you digging into and using this wealth of knowledge?

With all the good work you are doing, it can be hard to carve out time to take a deeper look at application and report information, let alone leverage it outside of funding decisions and status check-ins.

If you find yourself with 15 minutes to spare (yes, just 15 minutes!), give one of these data-leveraging activities a try.

  •   Discover opportunities for collaboration. Are you funding organizations doing similar work in different areas of town? How about programs that are serving the same neighborhoods in unique ways that could boost their impact by working together? With your birds-eye view of this information, you may have an opportunity to start powerful conversations and make a bigger difference in your community.
  •   Identify gaps in service. Knowing who is being served and how they are being served through your investments is important. It is equally important to know who is not being served. Taking a few minutes to review your data to find who is not being reached in your community or which regions are lacking services altogether, can help you refine your funding and boost your partnership efforts in the most impactful ways.
  •   Spot speed bumps and offer support. You, and the agencies you invest in, are tackling big community needs that often come with unique challenges. Have you noticed any trends in the challenges your grantees are facing in their recent reports? Simply knowing what the speed bumps are can lead to better insight to inform future activities. Even better, if you can offer technical support, partnership and resource connections, and learning opportunities to address trending challenges, your investment and its impact can go farther.
  •   Make the case for greater investment. Chances are, you are not only investing in programs that help you achieve your mission, but you are also cultivating relationships with donors for investments in your organization. The data you’ve gathered not only ensures your support is going to the right places, but it can also be leveraged to engage current grantors and donors, and garner even more support to carry on your critical work.
  •   Share your story. How is what you are doing making a difference? The truth is there are probably too many ways to count. But you have been counting…the number of neighbors helped, the number of meals delivered, the number of parents learning how to support their child’s development, the community member who has a new job and brighter future, the list goes on! You’ve got the numbers and the stories to share with your community, show your impact, and celebrate how you and your grantees are making a difference every day.

Ready to dig into all that change-making, life-changing data? e-CImpact makes it easy with:

  •   Customized demographic data collection.
  •   Tailored performance measurement based on your unique mission and goals.
  •   Out-of-the-box reports and dashboards to make these analysis activities possible!

We’d love to learn about you, your organization, your work, and how we can help. Reach out to to schedule time to chat today.

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