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Impossibly Easy Impact Data for Your Donors

July 1, 2022

Give donors the information they need to invest in your organization with confidence

Will my donation make a difference? How will I know?

Even if a donor is not asking you these questions directly, they are almost certainly on their mind when deciding if they will give to your organization for the first time and in the future.

Great news! You’ve got the answers at your fingertips. How? Your spot-on application and just-right report are collecting all the information you need to answer these questions in no time.

Donors want details.

How many community members were served? In what ways did the donor’s gift help their neighbors’ circumstances improve? Were services provided to those most in need?

When you’ve collected this information through a grant management system built to meet your unique needs, getting these details out in an easy-to-understand manner is nearly effortless. Demographic data, the number of individuals receiving support and services, and the success rate experienced among those individuals as a result can be analyzed, aggregated, and reported out to donors with a few quick clicks!

You don’t have to stop at the numbers. Sharing the stories of those impacted by their gift can be a powerful way to show donors how their generosity is making a real difference for people in their community. Requesting these stories, and even photos (with permission!), lets funded agencies give you the full picture of their positive impact, and donors a window into how their gift is touching lives every day.

Ready for a bonus? With the right grant management system, all of this is easy for agencies to provide and for you to review.

How can e-CImpact help you collect and share the data your donors desire?
  •   Custom, online forms ensure you get the information you need to keep your donors up to date.
  •   A simple-to-navigate site lets agencies enter performance measures, demographics, and narrative updates quickly and efficiently, so they can get back to their impactful work.
  •   Report and dashboard features give you immediate access to all this powerful data for analysis and sharing.

If you’re ready to collect and share impossibly easy impact data with your donors, Seabrooks is happy to help! Reach out to to learn how e-CImpact can help you manage your community funding process with top-notch support by your side every step of the way.

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