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3 Questions for Your Application Action Plan

August 1, 2022

A good grant application starts with the right questions. A good application process can too!

Application season approaches! If the thought of setting up an application process puts you in a state of mental and emotional quicksand, Seabrooks is ready to help you back to solid ground.

A good application starts with the right questions. A good application process can too! Answer three easy questions to get a strong start on your application process.

What do you need to know to make sound funding decisions?

Yes, we started at the end which, in this case, is a great place to start! What criteria will you use to ensure you invest in the activities most aligned to your mission? Keep this top of mind when updating the questions asked in your application. Bonus: Answer this question thoroughly, and you’ll have your evaluation questions set!

What will you ask for in your application?

Great news! With the answers to the question above in hand, determining the answer to this question will be much easier. Do you need to know about applicants’ budget, the demographic data for community members served, or performance measurement alignment? Perhaps you need applicants to answer specific questions based on which of your organization’s goals they align to. In addition to identifying the information you do need, is there any information you typically ask for that you don’t need any more? With these answers in hand, you are well on your way to a strategic and easy-to-navigate application.

Who should apply?

Now that you know what you will ask (and why you are asking it!), who will you ask it of? Inviting the right organizations to the table to fulfill your mission is no small task. Getting word out about your impact focus will help ensure organizations doing good work in your community are aware of your impact investment opportunities. Leveraging your grant management system will help ensure only those most closely aligned to your goals are applying.

With the answers to these three questions, you are on a solid path forward in your application journey. If you’d like a stellar grant management system backed by top-notch support to help you along the way, reach out to today!

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