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Community Impact’s Dynamic Duo: e-CImpact and i-CResults

September 1, 2022

Grant management and individual assessment combine for powerful impact

When you hear the phrase “dynamic duo,” what do you think of? It was a group of software products, right? No? Well, we’re downright shocked!

We suppose we can’t blame you if software wasn’t your first thought. Perhaps we can help make it your second.

Grant management and impact measurement go hand in hand. A robust grant and impact management system can simplify your application, reporting, and impact analysis while ensuring a user-friendly experience. Add a tool that collects survey responses from individual community members, providing actionable, real-time analysis of the impact of services, and you’ve got the real deal dynamic duo of community impact: e-CImpact and i-CResults!

What can this team of two do for you? Let’s take a brief look.

  •   Helps you create and share custom applications, reports, and evaluations.
  •   Keeps applicants and reviewers informed through a variety of communication tools.
  •   Tracks funding decisions and history.
  •   Allows you to easily collect and analyze an array of information and data to ensure your investments are aligned with your mission and those investments are making a difference in your community.

  •   Share ready-to-deploy surveys with the agencies you are collaborating with or funding in your community.
  •   With a shared measurement tool, you’ll get apples-to-apples data across all agencies.
  •   Survey distribution and data collection are simplified with link, direct email, kiosk, and import options to meet agencies and the community members they serve where they are.
  •   Gives you and the agencies distributing the survey real-time, actionable indicator achievement data that can be analyzed with any number of demographic variables.

These tools are powerful on their own (and we’ve only scratched the surface on the many features they have!), but what makes them a dynamic duo?

When combined, all responses collected from individuals in i-CResults can be imported and aggregated in e-CImpact with the click of a button when agencies are completing performance reports. This translates to quick and easy reporting for agencies, and reliable impact data, provided directly by community members receiving support, for you!

If you are ready to explore how Seabrooks’ dynamic duo could support the critical work you do every day, reach out to today.

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