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When Every Moment Counts, You Can Count on e-CImpact

October 1, 2022

Lean on your grant management system to leverage your time so you can make the greatest impact possible

Your organization just received a large donation that needs to be distributed to agencies in your community within the next month. Fantastic!

Or perhaps your community is navigating a natural disaster or crisis and your organization is rallying nonprofit partners while providing funding support. Not so fantastic, but truly critical.

What do these scenarios have in common? You’ll be doing what you do best, making a difference in your community, and you will be doing it at warp speed!

This means applications created and opened, evaluations set up and completed, and decisions made and shared with no time to spare.

When time is of the essence, lean on your grant management system to leverage your time, so you can make the greatest impact possible.

Start receiving applications today (really!) with some of these helpful tools at hand:
  •   You’ve already got it, so flaunt it! Copy application forms, evaluation forms, application and evaluation processes and make the tweaks needed to get a huge head start on your new funding opportunity.
  •   Creating something totally new? That can be easy too with a flexible and intuitive form building features, including the ability to import form fields in bulk.
  •   Streamline for success by helping the right agencies access your application with ease using automated qualifying questions, self-registration, and, based on their responses, instant access.
  •   Set up your evaluation process to do some heavy lifting! Collect scores and comments in an easy-to-use form, then let your system aggregate and average scores to facilitate efficient and informed funding decisions.
  •   Speaking of funding decisions, be sure to track those in your system as well. Not only will this allow you to have a complete record in one place, it will also help you analyze your investment, and can be used to generate custom award notifications.
  •   Expertly inform your work and stakeholders every step of the way. Track application progress, aggregate application and evaluation data, assess impact, and so much more using the reporting tools available to you.

e-CImpact has you covered in all these ways and in so many more! Not only can you lean on e-CImpact to get your new application up and running in no time, you can count on Seabrooks to be with you every step of the way.

You can count on Seabrooks for all of your difference-making, impact-creating, relationship-generating work. Reach out to to learn how Seabrooks’ solutions can amplify your community impact.

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