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United Way of North Central Massachusetts to Host the Local Community Foundation on e-CImpact

September 24, 2015

PRESS RELEASE: Fitchburg, MA – The United Way of North Central Massachusetts (UWNCM) is a good friend to have.

They take care of the people and organizations in the communities they serve, including residents, volunteers, and partner organizations.

One of their closest partners is the Community Foundation of North Central Massachusetts. In the late 1990s, UWNCM launched the Community Foundation as a place for individuals, families, businesses and agencies to establish permanent endowments that benefit the community forever. Today UWNCM staff support both organizations, making it a symbiotic relationship that allows them to make a collective impact in the 33 communities they both serve.

We’re excited to announce that UWNCM will host the North Central Massachusetts Community Foundation on e-CImpact™, starting a new chapter in a relationship that has blossomed over the past 25 years.

e-CImpact™ is an innovative and flexible cloud-based system trusted by more than 100 United Ways, Community Foundations, and Municipalities across the U.S. and Canada to manage their community impact work. The shared system will allow both entities to easily accept and review funding requests from community agencies, align grant funds around identified impact areas to ensure strategic resource allocation, and provide timely and accurate data on the results those investments make possible.

“e-CImpact has proven to be the best system to support our community impact work – hands down. We’re able to efficiently and effective do our jobs, build strong relationships with communities agencies, and deliver results with the dollars entrusted to us. We’ve tested other systems, but nothing compares to e-CImpact. Now we get to share those benefits with the Community Foundation as well!” said Maribeth Janssens, Director of Community Impact, United Way of North Central Massachusetts.

Ready to see how e-CImpact can benefit your organization? Contact us at to learn more about how we can help you – and maybe your friends too!

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