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Collaborative Community Impact Funding

April 1, 2021

Greater impact and alignment through shared grant management

Increasing efficiency in daily work. Consolidating back-room services and supports. Aligning efforts among fellow funders for greater impact. Easing the administrative burden on funded community partners.

These are not new topics among funding organizations. However, the idea of leveraging your grant and impact management system to achieve these objectives may be! How? By sharing your system with other funders in your community.

Increased Efficiency

Are you building similar questions, forms, applications, and reports as your fellow funders? Do you have common performance measurements, qualification criteria, evaluation procedures? Want to be able to easily implement process improvements across your system? Managing all of this in a single system means reduced time and duplication of effort.

Consolidated Services

Many organizations are looking for opportunities to streamline administrative tasks so they may focus more attention on building relationships and supporting community partners. By sharing your grant management system with your fellow funders, you can mitigate the management of multiple systems and lighten the financial load by sharing the cost.

Aligned for Greater Impact

Oh, the possibilities! A single application for multiple funders, shared performance measures, impact data aggregated across multiple funders, a comprehensive look at the services being provided across the community…we could go on!

Better Experience for Funded Partners

Your funded partners probably have more grant management login credentials than they can count! Giving them one place to go to apply and report for multiple funders gives them a seamless experience, giving them more time to focus on the critical work you and your fellow funders are investing in.

A Grant and Impact Management System to Make it Work

e-CImpact can facilitate funding collaborations through:
   • Customizable application, reporting, and evaluation processes
   • Unique permissions and access for each funder
   • Tailored communication features for stakeholder groups
   • Ability to create reports for specific processes or across multiple processes
   • And more!

You deserve a system that will grow and adapt with your team and your community. Reach out to to explore how you can leverage your grant and impact management system while receiving top-notch support so you can do your best work.

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