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Get READY so You’re SET to GO Invest in Impact!

March 1, 2023

Improving circumstances in your community is big work. So is investing in those impact efforts!

As your application process begins to wind down, and your evaluation and allocation work begins to ramp up, a little preparation will go a long way to make these processes seamless for your team and reviewers.

Build in a break between the application and reviews.

Building in a little time between the application deadline and the start of application reviews can turn potential chaos into calm. With this space, late applications, staff reviews, and application clarification requests are easily addressed without getting stressed. This may even save you time in the long run!

Help your volunteers be ready to review.

A meeting here, an email there, and volunteers are prepared everywhere! That may oversimplify the situation, but, if you have e-CImpact, it really can be that simple. Before applications are even submitted, you can collect each reviewer’s conflicts of interest, invite them to a training, and even assign application ahead of time so they’ll be ready to roll when the evaluation goes “live.”

Gear up for grant decisions.

Prepare for grant decisions before evaluations are even in? You bet! Create and save reports with applicant information such as program request amounts, evaluation scores, and reviewer recommendations, and prepare your allocation tracking so, when the time comes, you are ready with all the information you need to make strategic decisions aligned to your mission.

How can e-CImpact help? Let’s take a look:
  •   Online conflict of interest entry for reviewers.
  •   Automated application evaluation assignments.
  •   Meeting invitations, reminders, and more.
  •   Allocation tracking for today and for trending over time.
  •   Nearly 200 report templates ready for customized tracking and analysis.

Are you ready for a system that helps you manage your impact investment process with ease? Reach out to today.

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