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At-A-Glance Information for Grant Management on the Go!

December 1, 2022

Keep your finger on the pulse of your impact work

Do you often find yourself twiddling your thumbs, thinking “gosh, I just don’t have enough to do” during the workday? We didn’t think so!

With all the amazing work you’re doing, you don’t have time to wander the grant management system wilderness to get the information you need. The right system can help you keep your finger on the pulse of your impact work with streamlined information access.

With e-CImpact, we’ve got you covered:

At-a-Glance Status Updates: With application deadlines approaching, it’s easy to see how agencies are progressing with color-coded statuses and overarching progress summaries. One look may tell you it’s time to send out that reminder.

High-Performance Profiles: Get a crash course in your organization’s history with an agency by looking at their profile dashboard. One look gives you their contact information, recent application and report activity, funding history, program alignment, and beyond.

Dashboards That Deliver: Need to give an application update at the team meeting that starts in 5 minutes? There’s no need to panic! Your application’s Process Dashboard has everything you need in one spot. Get a real-time look at the number of applicants, total funding requests, breakout by impact/focus area, submission details, and more.

Reports to Ramp it Up: Want to access performance measure, evaluation, and demographic data fast? Need a graph for all that good data too? You’ve got it! With just a few clicks (seriously!), report templates make viewing your need-to-know data possible in no time.

With all this great information (and so much more!) at your fingertips, your thumbs may indeed be free to twiddle…for a moment.

Are you ready for a grant and impact management system that provides all the at-a-glance information you could want backed by top-notch support? We’re ready to help! Reach out to to explore if e-CImpact is right for you.

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